TSR Watermark Image Software

برنامج وضع علامات مائية او شعارات علي الصور بكل سهولة
برنامج مميز جداً للمصممين ، حيث يمكنهم اضافة علامات مائية على الصور ومهما بلغ عددها ومثلا وضع شعار موقعك عليها

If you want to watermark your photos, you can use either text or another picture as the

source of the watermark. If you want to add the watermark to the background, you can set the

logo or the text to be more or less transparent, and place it wherever you want the

watermark to be on the image. TSR Watermark is available in multiple languages, currently

translated languages is Turkish, Swedish, Armenian, English, German, Italian, Vietnamese,

Japanese, Hungarian, Czech, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Romanian, Serbian, Dutch,

Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal), Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Indonesian, Russian,

Polish and Danish - please contact me if you can help translate the product to your





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